This Unreal Engine 4 tech video showcases next-gen weather/physics effects that will blow you away

YouTube’s ‘koooolalala’ has shared a mind blowing real-time tech video for Unreal Engine 4, showing some of the best Storm effects we’ve ever seen. This video was running in real-time on the PC, and showcases what the next-gen experience that PCs can offer.

The artist used Unreal Engine 4.23 and Speedtree in order to create this scene. Moreover, koooolalala used the VICODynamics and Custom Lens Flare VFX plugins.

Unfortunately, koooolalala did not reveal the specs of the PC that was used. As such, I’m not sure whether next-generation consoles will be able to come close to these effects. Moreover, this is a tech demo and – most of the times – tech demos are more impressive than actual games.

It’s also worth noting that koooolalala has been constantly showcasing some of the best demos for Unreal Engine 4. Back in 2016, koooolalala released a beautiful frosty forest tech demo in Unreal Engine 4. In 2014, the artist also released some amazing UE4 tech videos. Still, nothing can come close to what he has managed to achieve with the following video.

Seriously, these weather effects are among the best we’ve seen and we can’t wait until games feature similar effects. So go ahead and watch the video, you will be blown away.



koooolalala used 20 trees (70000 poly each, no lod) and 100 bushes (6000 poly each, no lod) in order to create this scene. The demo was also running with 35-60fps at 1080p on a GTX970 on Epic/High settings. Moreover, the artist did not optimize this scene, meaning that it could run even better.

Thanks F.x.