This video showcases the most advanced physics you’ve ever seen in a game

Dennis Gustafsson is currently working on a project/game that will leave you speechless with its advanced physics. This game, which currently does not have a title yet, may soon enter its early access phase, and you should unquestionably keep your eye on it.

According to the creator, the game currently runs with 60fps on a GTX1070 and quad-core machine. Gustafsson might add a lower detail mode to enable GTX1060 as well, but anything below that will not be really realistic.

Not only that, but this game also features real-time ray tracing. This ray tracing implementation works on pretty much all GPUs, meaning that AMD owners will also be able to enjoy these effects. Yeap, this indie project supports real-time ray tracing on both AMD’s and NVIDIA’s GPUs.

From the looks of it, this game will feature similar graphics to Minecraft. Therefore, expect some retro awesomeness here.

YouTube’s ‘Bluedrake42’ has shared a video showcasing this project, and we highly recommend watching it. As you can see, the physics in this game/project are insane. Seriously, these are the best physics you’ll ever see in a game. Yes, we are dealing with retro/Minecraft visuals but the physics are mind-blowing.

We’ll definitely let you know when the game hits Steam Early Access so stay tuned for more. Until then, enjoy the video!

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