GTA 5 V-Reloaded Graphics Mod

Take a look at the V-Reloaded Graphics Overhaul Mod for Grand Theft Auto 5

ZED_Modding has shared a video, showcasing a brand new graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto 5, called V-Reloaded. V-Reloaded promises to improve the game’s graphics, something that a lot of PC gamers will appreciate. After all, and at least for now, Rockstar does not plan to bring the new next-gen features of GTA5 to the PC.

According to the modder, V-Reloaded features improved timecycles, 16K Water and 16K NASA Moon. Moreover, it will have 4K Water Sea Foam and 4K Bullet Shot Glass.

Additionally, PC gamers can expect realistic color saturation, adaptive exposure and realistic shadows. The modder has also improved the exhaust backfire flash, the engine damage smoke, and reworked the swimming pools.

Unfortunately, this mod does not seem to feature any 4K textures for pedestrians or the environments. That’s a bummer as this will immediately make this mod inferior to other graphics mods, such as Grand Theft Auto 5: Definitive Edition or  GTA5 NaturalVision: Evolved.

But anyway, V-Reloaded is in an Early Access phase.


V-Reloaded – GTA V Graphics Trailer