Star Citizen 3.23 Character Creator-fixed

Take a Look at Star Citizen’s New Character Creator Tool

YouTube’s ‘CarbonPixel’ has shared a video that gives us a first look at the Bioticorp Character Creator for Star Citizen. This new character creator tool will be added in alpha 3.23, and it will let you create your own custom character.

Alongside the new character editor, version 3.23 will pack some new features. For instance, it will make Ship Combat AI much more formidable. As the devs have stated, with this update, AI ship pilots have been toughened with new behaviors, based from real PU combat via collecting data from experienced dogfighters, to give them more move sets allowing them to do strafe runs, new orbits, more intelligent maneuvers and distancing, and much more, blurring the line between Player and AI flight.

Star Citizen 3.23 will also pack CPU/GPU runtime performance optimizations. So, in theory, it should run better on various PC systems. Here is hoping that someone will benchmark the previous and the latest versions of it.

Finally, PC gamers can expect other major updates, including a Starmap and mobiGlass rework, First-Person Combat Rework, Personal and Instanced Hangars, Freight Elevators, and Master Modes.

For those wondering, no. There is still no ETA on when the final version will come out. We also don’t have a release date for Squadron 42. Still, Cloud Imperium is making some progress so that’s better than nothing, right?

Anyway, enjoy the following video, and stay tuned for more!

Star Citizen 3.23 EPTU | Character Creation First Look