Fallout 2 feature

Take a look at the 2D Shooter & 3D Remakes of the classic Fallout games

Modders ‘jonaszIGD’ and ‘OldFallout’ are working on two amazing projects for the first two classic Fallout games. The first project is a 3D Remake of Fallout 2, whereas the second one is re-imagining the first Fallout as a 2D side-scrolling game.

Going into more details, Fallout 2 3D Remake features a first-person perspective, and has a classic “Doom” feel to it. Similar to classic Doom, Fallout 2 3D Remake has 2D sprites for all enemies (and for some decorations). It looks retro-cool, so be sure to watch the following video.

The Fallout 2 3D REMAKE Got An Update... And It's AWESOME!

Fallout 2D Remake will attempt to re-imagine the game via a 2D side-scrolling RPG shooter. In the following video, we get to see the demo build that OldFallout is currently working on. This 2D Remake will have a lot more enemies and types than the vanilla/original version, more weapons and loot, and more.

Fallout 2D Remake ☢ Ход разработки часть 1

Now while there isn’t any playable demo for Fallout 2D Remake, there is one for Fallout 2 3D Remake. So, those interested can go ahead and download it from here.

Have fun!