Severance Blade Of Darkness feature

Pre-Dark Souls action-adventure PC game, Blade of Darkness, gets a free HD Update

The SNEG team has released a free HD Update for the pre-Dark Souls fantasy action-adventure game, Blade of Darkness. This free update will improve the game’s graphics by using higher-quality textures and some new graphical effects.

Developed by Rebel Act Studios, Blade of Darkness is a classic PC game that is often described as the ancestor of the Souls games. The game originally came out on PC in 2001, and featured spectacular graphics.

This free HD Update upscales all textures and reworks the camera with the ability to freely look around outside of the combat. Furthermore, it improves Anti-aliasing, HDR, Bloom, SSAO, and Motion Blur. Players can also expect better controller support.

As always, Steam will download this free update the next time you launch its client. That is, obviously, if you already own the game. Below you can also find a new trailer for it.


Blade of Darkness - now in HD