Star Wars: Battlefront – First Modded Match Showcased Running On Custom Dedicated Server

YouTube’s ‘NoFaTe’ has released a video, showcasing the first modded match for Star Wars: Battlefront running on a custom dedicated server. As NoFaTe noted, for the purposes of this demonstration, players have infinite health, and jetpacks have been modified to fly much farther. In other words, this could very well open possibilities for mods in Star Wars: Battlefront.

NoFaTe claimed that he won’t release anything any time soon as this was mostly for his own entertainment.

Also note that there are still some issues in this modded match of Star Wars: Battlefront that have not been resolved as of yet.

“Even though mostly everything seems to work fine, the AI is relatively broken when running a co-op map off-of a dedicated server (but at least it’s not as broken as it used to be in older Frostbite iterations.) A sad change, was the addition of that gray filter when out-of-bounds, which I didn’t get to remove since I wanted to get this video out as soon as possible.”


STAR WARS Battlefront - Day-0 Modding on a Dedicated Server