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Intel’s desktop “XE DG1” GPU has been spotted having 768 cores in the SiSoftware database

Written by Metal Messiah

INTEL has been on top of  everyone’s mind since they have disclosed their plans to enter the “Discrete” GPU market, though little is known about Intel’s final roadmap.

Now, a mysterious discrete Xe DG1 GPU has been spotted in the SiSoftware database. This is not the first time we are hearing about a discrete graphics processor from INTEL though.  An Xe-LP graphics processor with 968 cores having all 120 EUs enabled, was spotted before as well.

Intel DG1 SDV (software development vehicle) model is basically for developers and ISVs, and it is not expected to hit the market soon.

Coming to the leak, this Xe DG1 GPU variant is rumored to feature 96 Execution Units (EUs),  which accounts for 768 cores. The card is expected to also have 3GB of onboard memory, which means this is an entry-level sample/Model. It seems the card could be an integrated mobile graphics chip which has been converted into a desktop graphics.

It is rumored to have Tiger Lake specs with 96 EUs. The DG1 silicon would actually feature the XE-LP graphics, which would be different than XE-HP or HPC. According to other rumors, Intel’s Xe DG2 variant on the other hand, could have 16 cores per EU, accounting for 2048 cores, placing this model in the mid-range GPU segment.

It would be really interesting to see what INTEL has up their sleeve when it comes to the discrete GPU market segment. Having a third “gaming” GPU competitor would be really nice. We have seen previous leaks on Intel’s discrete graphics chips, but those were for the HPC/AI/Enterprise market segment (XE-HP/HPC).

As per TPU, the XE DG1-SDV would be built on the 10 nm process node, and will be based on the “Tiger Lake” graphics processor, with full support for DirectX 12 as well.  Though these are rumored specs subject to change, so they are not final.

Thanks, Videocardz