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Someone has finished DOOM Eternal in under 31 minutes

It’s been a couple of weeks since DOOM Eternal released, and someone has already finished the game in under 31 minutes. Which is pretty crazy if you think about, and even more crazy when you watch it. Seriously, take a look at the video, it’s completely bonkers.

Speedrunning is nothing new in gaming, but recently it’s getting more attention. Titles like DOOM & DOOM Eternal are excellent games for speedruns. Player Distortion2 finished the game in 32 minutes. However, in case you don’t already know, most speedrunners use glitches in order to create shortcuts.

You can watch the speedrun video below and see how Distortion2 utterly brakes the game for his own benefit. Of course, I’m fairly certain that someone will soon beat his time. Nevertheless, creating such a video requires dedication, skill and focus, so kudos to Distortion2.

Doom Eternal in 30:49

Chris Kountouras

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