Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Reborn aims to faithfully remake a scene from RE3 in Unreal Engine 4 (WIP)

YouTube’s ‘unknownexe96’ has shared a video, showing a WIP scene from Resident Evil 3 being recreated in Unreal Engine 4. Now while this project is still a Work In Progress, unknownexe96 appears to be willing to release the map to the public once it’s been finished.

Unknownexe96 aims to remake┬áDario Rosso’s Shelter in 3D. Players will be able to explore it via fixed camera angles, thus giving everyone an idea of what a faithful remake – with fixed camera angles – of Resident Evil 3 could look like.

There are also plans to bring Jill Valentine to this fan proof of concept Resident Evil 3 Remake, though nothing is set on stone yet. However, and as with most fan remakes, we strongly suggest tempering your expectations. In short, this won’t be a remake of the full game and we are not even sure whether the artist will be able to complete and release it to the public.

Still, this map is really close to the real deal and since it has a lot of potential, we’ve decided to share it with you. We’ve also embedded below a video from the original game in order to give you an idea of how close to the original material this fan remake will actually be.

Rumour has it that after the remake for Resident Evil 2, Capcom may remake in RE Engine Resident Evil 3. Nothing has been confirmed yet but it will be interesting to see what Capcom can achieve and whether a RE3Remake will be as amazing as RE2Remake.


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Dario Rosso