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Operation Half-Real is a Half-Life-inspired free game in Unreal Engine 4

Modder ‘gclocker’ is working on a Half-Life-inspired free game in Unreal Engine 4, called Operation Half-Real. As the title implies, this free game aims to create a Half-Life experience in Unreal Engine 4, and below you can find the first gameplay footage from it.

From what we can see, this fan game will be using the original assets of Half-Life. However, and thanks to Unreal Engine 4, the modder will also implement some modern-day techniques.

As its description reads:

“Operation Half-Real aims to bring players all new scenarios to immerse themselves in and build on what Valve already achieved with their critically acclaimed game with new ideas to spice up the gameplay.”

Those interested can also download an early demo from here. This project is in an early development phase, though, so don’t expect much from it. Still, there are basic gameplay elements (like fighting zombies, using weapons, interacting with the environments, and more).

Have fun!

Half-Life - Operation Half-Real (Unreal Engine) (Old)