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NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 runs Crysis 3 with Reshade Ray Tracing with 60fps at Very High/1080p

These past few weeks we’ve been sharing numerous videos from games that were visually improved by Pascal Gilcher’s Ray Tracing Reshade. However, all of the users that have been testing this experimental version of ReShade were using mid-range GPUs. Thankfully, YouTube’s ‘4K Video Source’ has shared a video showing Crysis 3 with this Reshade Ray Tracing/Path Tracing mod running on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080.

Now the good news here is that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 can run Crysis 3 with these ray tracing/path tracing effects at 1080p, on Very High settings and with 60fps. Do note that Crysis 3 is still a beautiful – and demanding – game so it’s at least great knowing that this particular GPU can run it with 60fps.

As we’ve already said, Crytek has done an amazing work with its lighting and ambient occlusion solutions in Crysis 3. However, we can clearly notice some visual improvements in the grass field that is showcased in this video. So yes, despite its alpha state and the fact that Reshade cannot offer proper ray tracing effects (as it only uses depth information available in screen space in order to provide these “path tracing” effects), it can still improve the visuals of modern-day games,

Obviously, the performance hit of this Reshade Ray Tracing mod is quite high and most users will not be able to use it, however, it will at least give us an option to replay current titles when more powerful GPUs will be available on the market. Basically, this is a win-win situation as it is completely optional (it’s up to you to decide whether you will replay your older games with it). Not only that, but the Path Tracing settings can be adjusted to your liking, meaning that you can decrease the amount of the additional ambient occlusion effects that are being introduced by it.

As a bonus, I’ve decided to also include below a video showing the Reshade Path Tracing mod in the first Crysis game with the best three mods that are currently available for it; BlackFire’s Mod Ultimate Update 1.3, Crysis “HD Textures Pack 2016” and Rygel High Texture Mod.



On closer inspection, there appears to be something really fishy with the Crysis 1 video. I don’t remember Crysis looking that bad so the YouTuber may have used lower settings when Reshade was disabled. As such, I’ve decided to remove the video as it appears to be misleading.

Crysis 3 Ray Tracing RTX 2080