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New version of Crysis Enhanced Mod adds real-time reflections, improves Globall Illumination & more

In July 2020, we informed you about an amazing graphics overhaul mod for the first Crysis game, Crysis Enhanced. And yesterday, its team released a new tech video, showcasing some of the features that will be coming in its next version.

According to Remaster Studio, the next version of Crysis Enhanced will feature real-time reflections. As such, players will be able to have proper reflections for all objects, as well as for characters and particles. The team did not reveal how this mod handles these reflections. Thus, it will be interesting to see whether these reflections are better than the ray-traced ones for Crysis Remastered.

Crysis Enhanced Edition also packs richer particles, as well as indirect sky lighting and fog effects. Its latest version will also have improved Global Illumination effects and reworked Lighting AO/TOD.

Furthermore, Crysis Enhanced Edition features grass shadows and improved material simulation. It also has Cloud Shadows, improved Edge AA, and adds Lens flares and rain splash on water when raining.

Remaster Studio has not announced when this new version of Crysis Enhanced Edition will come out. From the looks of it, this mod will be as close to the upcoming official Remaster mod as possible. Of course Crytek will be using newer techniques such as Ray Tracing, SVOGI and DLSS. Therefore, it will really be interesting to compare these two projects once Crytek Remastered is out.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Crysis Enhanced Tech Updates - Real time Reflections