New The Black Masses tech video shows 10K zombies, dismemberment & procedural wounding system

Brilliant Game Studios has shared a new tech video showcasing the new dismemberment and procedural wounding system that will be featured in The Black Masses. According to the developers, limbs can be cut off on a massive scale and wound from getting hit appear as deep gouges which warp their mesh.

The Black Masses is set in a massive medieval fantasy setting on a 16 sq-km island. Players will fight off tens of thousands of demon possessed souls while trying to solve the mysteries of what started the satanic uprising. Players will traverse any obstacle with the game’s own climbing/parkour system.

The game will feature the record breaking crowd rendering technology from Brilliant Game Studios’ previous title, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, and this video features 10K zombies. That’s a pretty massive number of zombies on screen so hopefully the game will not be just a tech demo.


10,000 Zombies Vs Giant Blender - The Black Masses(Dismemberment Demo)