SCARLET NEXUS screenshot header

New story trailer and gameplay footage for SCARLET NEXUS

At TGS 2020, Bandai Namco presented a new demo for SCARLET NEXUS. This video packs 6 minutes of gameplay footage and showcases the game’s combat mechanics. In addition, Bandai Namco also released a story trailer for this game.

SCARLET NEXUS is an action RPG in which players take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi; a new recruit to the OSF aiming to become an elite psionic like the one who saved him as a child. Players will also explore the futuristic city of New Himuka and uncover the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities in SCARLET NEXUS.

The game promises to have a complex story of bonds, courage and heroism. Not only that, but it will be crafted by the minds behind the iconic Tales of Vesperia.


Scarlet Nexus - Gameplay Demo TGS 2020 [HD 1080P]

Scarlet Nexus - Story Trailer