New Star Citizen trailer showcases its alpha 3.0 features

Cloud Imperium has released a brand new trailer for Star Citizen, showcasing its alpha 3.0 features. As we’ve already said,┬áStar Citizen Alpha 3.0 features planetary landings, persistent universe content, a new back-end item system, implementation of commodities, trading, automated cargo buy/sell kiosks, and, indirectly, piracy, as well as network improvements and user interface enhancements.

As its description reads, players will step into a first-person universe and experience boundless exploration, awe-inspiring ships, weapons and gear, and intense combat in space and on the ground.

“Whether you’re immersed in Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe, engaged on the battlegrounds of Arena Commander and Star Marine, or racing at break-neck speeds in the Murray Cup, your adventure awaits.”


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer