GTA Vice City Modern mod version 1.2 adds new textures and HD grass, features LOD fixes

Modder ‘Talha_Mustafa’ has released a new version of his graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City. GTA Vice City Modern mod version 1.2 adds new textures, new pavements , HD Grass , New Mansion Texture and New Sunshine Autos Textures, and comes with various LOD fixes.

In order to celebrate this release, the modder released some new screenshots from this latest version of the GTA Vice City Modern mod. And to be honest, I really can’t see the HD grass textures. I don’t remember the grass looking worse than what is showcased in the following screenshots, but then that’s just me. On the other hand, I can clearly see the other new and improved textures that modder has added.

Here is how you can install this mod.

  • Extract the mod into the original Vice City Directory.
  • Replace all files with these ones.
  • Launch the game.

The modder has included a full download of the original game which is why we will not be linking to it. However, those interested can visit ModDB in order to find how they can download it.