Sea of Thieves feature 2

Sea of Thieves January 2020 Update, Legends of the Sea, released and detailed

Microsoft and Rare announced today that the January Sea of Thieves content update is available. Similarly to pretty much all content updates, Legends of the Sea is available free to all players. Microsoft has also detailed this new monthly free update so continue reading to find out what it includes.

Legends of the Sea shines a spotlight on the thriving Sea of Thieves community, immortalizing players for their accomplishments through in-game references. Players can seek out these references from across the Sea of Thieves to earn exclusive Commendations, Titles, doubloons and tattoos. Additionally, players can take on new Gilded Voyages. Or they can seek out new Reaper’s Bounty Chests for a chance to earn extra rewards.

In celebration of Sea of Thieves passing 10 million players, pirates who set sail between now at January 22 will get a free “X” Marks the Spot emote and matching sails.

As always, Microsoft Windows Store will download this new update the next time you launch its client.

Have fun!