Watch Dogs Legion screenshots 4

New in-engine trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion focuses on its recruitment system

Ubisoft has released a new in-engine trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion that details its recruitment system. In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can build a team with a huge range of characters to choose from, all bringing their own unique abilities.

“From a brilliant hacker to a getaway driver, from a football hooligan to an inconspicuous old lady, everyone has a unique backstory, personality, and skillset that should be used in unique situations. Customize your Legion with enhanced gadgets, unique outfits and iconic masks.”

Furthermore, Ubisoft announced that Aiden Pearce will return in the game. However, there is a catch. Aiden will be available via the Season Pass and as post-launch DLC. So yeah, that sucks for those that don’t want to get DLCs or Season Passes.

Watch Dogs: Legion will feature an open-world environment to explore. The game will release on October 29th and NVIDIA and Ubisoft will be bundling Watch_Dogs: Legion with all of the RTX30 series GPUs.


Watch Dogs: Legion: Recruitment Explained | Ubisoft Forward 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]