New gameplay videos for V-Rally 4 released, showcasing the game’s Rally mode

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games today release two new videos highlighting V-Rally 4’s rally mode, as well as the special stage generator featured in the upcoming epic off-road game. One of the videos is taking place in the particularly humid conditions of Malaysia and the other in Kenya.

In V-Rally 4’s rally mode, the highly varied environments of the specials require you to draw on all your driving skills. Speed through the breathtaking environments of Malaysia, Japan, Siberia, Kenya, Sequoia Park and Monument Valley! Pay attention to your co-driver’s notes displayed on the screen so you won’t be surprised by a tight bend!

Entire road networks have been created for the rally environments, with an impressive level of detail. In addition to the pre-defined specials, V-Rally 4 provides an even more unpredictable challenge through the specials generator. Just like rally organizers, the specials generator randomly opens and closes road intersections, which means there are hundreds of possible routes through each environment. Your route is not a collection of pre-defined roads and bends: it uses parts of the road network, and each special is different, with unique characteristics.

V-Rally 4 is coming to the PC this September.


V-RALLY 4 | Rally Kenya Gameplay by Team VVV [ESRB]

V-RALLY 4 | Rally Malaysia Gameplay by Team VVV [ESRB]