Blood Bowl 3 feature

New gameplay trailer for Blood Bowl 3 focuses on the Black Orcs Team

NACON and Cyanide Studio released a new gameplay trailer for Blood Bowl 3. This new trailer focuses on the Black Orcs team. According to the devs, the Black Orcs will be a formidable race in Blood Bowl 3.

Blood Bowl 3 runs on Unreal Engine and will be the most complete and faithful adaptation of the board game to date. This new entry will also introduce Special Play Cards. Players can use these cards to add temporary skills to units or to assassinate a member of the opposing team before the match begins. Cyanide has also added its own spin on the spoof world of Blood Bowl 3 with a campaign mode and the inclusion of different characters, such as sponsors and charismatic Star Players who will challenge players of the game.

The game will also have more customization options than previous editions. Players will be able to change colors, patterns, logos, pieces of armor, stadiums and many other elements. After launch, Blood Bowl 3 will also be getting more content, competitions, tweaks and community support.