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New Forspoken Tech Video shows off AMD FSR & DirectStorage

Luminous Productions has released a new tech video for its upcoming game, Forspoken. This video shows off some of the graphical techniques that it will be using, including AMD FSR and DirectStorage.

As we’ve already reported, Forspoken will be one of the first games that will be using DirectStorage. Luminous Productions showcased the game loading at 1.9 secs on an NVMe SSD and at 3.7 secs on a SATA SSD.

From what we know, DirectStorage does not yet support GPU decompression. This may explain why the load times in this video aren’t lower than 1 sec. After all, the promise of DirectStorage is to load assets at blazing fast speeds, and that’s not what we’re witnessing here. In other words, and as with most modern techniques, it will take some time until developers can fully utilize it.

Forspoken will also support AMD FSR 1.0 at launch. Luminous Productions also claimed in the video that it is working on AMD FSR 2.0 (though we don’t know when they will add support for it).

Forspoken is coming to PC on October 11th.

Enjoy (I’ve also included below another video, showing six minutes of new gameplay footage)!

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