Company of Heroes 3 feature

New Company of Heroes 3 gameplay trailers show Dynamic Campaign Map & RTS Boot Camp

SEGA and Relic have released two new gameplay trailers for Company of Heroes 3. These trailers will bring players up to speed on the basics of Company of Heroes 3 as well as the brand-new Dynamic Campaign Map & optional Full Tactical Pause feature.

Company of Heroes 3 is bringing the series’ intimate boots-on-the-ground storytelling to a brand-new theatre of war, unlocking authentic new tactics, factions, and a wealth of untold stories from World War II.

Company of Heroes 3 will be using the Essence Engine 5, the latest evolution of Relic’s proprietary real-time strategy technology. Moreover, the game will pack some authentic new features.

On the Dynamic Campaign Map, players will command ground, air and naval forces and build supply lines as they lead the Allies’ campaign to retake mainland Italy from the entrenched Axis forces. The long-term choices you make here will affect not only the battles you fight, but the story of the war itself.

In single-player modes, Full Tactical Pause gives players a new level of tactical control over the pacing on the battlefield. By freezing the action, players who choose to employ Full Tactical Pause will be able to coordinate all their actions at once, thinking through every move in detail without the pressure of doing it all in real-time.


Company of Heroes 3 // Battle Briefing // Dynamic Campaign Map

Company of Heroes 3 // Battle Briefing // RTS Boot Camp