Mortal Kombat: Legacy II – Full Season Available

Mortal Kombat logo

Ah, the time has finally come and Machinima has posted the first episode of the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat web-series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II. In this first episode, Liu Kang gets into a drunken fight in a seedy Macau bar with the local gangsters. Kung Lao appears after a while and comes to his rescue, and the two have a tumultuous reunion. Now I’d love to see Sub-Zero and Scorpion in the next episode, but who knows what the team has in store for us. Obviously I haven’t watched the it till its end yet (so there might be a preview for its next episode… or not). [UPDATE: Holy bloody hell. The entire season is available from the get-go. Now that’s how you do things]. And as the MK saying goes, it haaaaaaaaas begun. Enjoy!


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