Minecraft – New Rasterize vs Ray Tracing Comparison Video

NVIDIA has released a new video, comparing the rasterized and the ray tracing versions of Minecraft. NVIDIA and Mojang will add official support for Ray Tracing in Minecraft in 2020. Thus, this video will give you an idea of the visual improvements you can expect from it.

Mojang and NVIDIA will use ray tracing for its shadows, lighting and reflections. The teams will use a path tracer that will be able to handle everything, and there won’t be any rasterization. As such, the game will be now using real-time global illumination, and emissive blocks like Glowstone and Lava can illuminate environments. Water, glass and other reflective surfaces will also show accurate real-time reflections. Shading and shadows will also be more accurate than before.

As we can see, the graphical improvement over the standard, rasterized version, is huge. However, and due to how ray tracing works, some scenes may be darker than before. This is mainly due to the more realistic lighting system that Minecraft RTX will be using.


Minecraft With NVIDIA RTX | Creators Ray Tracing Showcase