Middle-earth Shadow of War & Doom running in glorious 8K on two NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs

YouTube’s ‘Thirty IR’ has shared two videos, showing Middle-earth Shadow of War and Doom running in 8K resolution with all details set on Ultra on two NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics cards. 8K gaming can be considered possible in a couple of games, provided you pay $5000 for two Titan RTX GPUs and lock the framerate at 30fps.

Now we’ve seen some games hitting 60fps like Battlefield 5. However, both Shadow of War and Doom cannot run with such high framerates at this ridiculously high resolution. There are instances in which the two games could run with 60fps, however there were major drops at below 40fps. As such, we believe that a 30fps would do wonders in such situations.

Still, and at least in my opinion, it’s really cool witnessing modern-day games running in 8K. Obviously this resolution will not become mainstream any time soon as we’re currently struggling to run games at 4K with 60fps. However, and for those that have no problem at all spending as much money as they can, 8K gaming at 30fps is achievable on the PC right here, right now.


Middle Earth Shadow of War 8K PC Gameplay [8K 60FPS] | RTX Titan SLI | ThirtyIR

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