The Lords of the Fallen new screenshots-3

Leaked trailer for Unreal Engine 5-powered Lords of the Fallen reveals its release date

A brand new trailer for the Unreal Engine 5-powered Souls-like game, Lords of the Fallen, has been leaked online. This trailer packs 30 seconds of gameplay footage and reveals the game’s official release date.

According to this leaked trailer, Lords of the Fallen will release on October 13th. This falls in line with what we heard earlier this month.

After examining the trailer, we can say that this is a legit new trailer. The gameplay scenes found in this trailer are brand new, and they weren’t included in any previous trailers. This trailer gives us an extensive look at the game’s combat mechanics, so make sure to watch it.

My guess is that CI Games will officially release this trailer at the PlayStation Showcase event. That, or we can expect it to be present at the Summer Game Fest 2023 event.

Lords of the Fallen is using Unreal Engine 5 and promises to feature amazing graphics. The game will take advantage of Lumen, will feature really high-quality textures, and will be using UE5’s Chaos Physics for advanced simulation for clothes, chains, hair, and belts.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer || Pre-Order Now on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X|S