The Lords of the Fallen new screenshots-5

New The Lords of the Fallen gameplay trailer shows off Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities

CI Games has shared a new gameplay trailer for The Lords of the Fallen at State of Unreal 2023. This trailer shows off some of the Unreal Engine 5 features that this upcoming game will be using.

According to the devs, the characters in The Lords of the Fallen will feature really high-quality textures. Furthermore, the game will be using UE5’s Chaos Physics for advanced simulation for clothes, chains, hair, belts and a whole lot more.

It’s also worth noting that The Lords of the Fallen will take advantage of UE5’s Lumen GI. Not only that, but Hexworks has created its own custom toolset within Unreal Engine 5 to allow them to intricately create two environments side by side.

All in all, The Lords of the Fallen looks really impressive. Unfortunately, though, there is still no ETA on when it will come out.


LORDS OF THE FALLEN - State of Unreal Technical Showcase Trailer GDC | Pre-Order PC, PS5 & Xbox X|S