Deppart feature

This new bodycam horror game shows why Unreal Engine 5’s Unrecord is in a league of its own

Last month, developer DRAMA shocked the world with its ultra-realistic bodycam game, Unrecord. Using Unreal Engine 5, the game’s debut gameplay trailer turned everyone’s head with its incredible graphics. And, as you may have guessed, a lot of indie devs immediately jumped on the “bodycam” bandwagon.

So, Deppart is the latest “bodycam” game. Created by N4bA, this is a new horror game, and you can download a playable alpha version of it.

To its credit, Deppart looks more polished than other “bodycam” games. However, this game is nowhere close to what Unrecord has managed to achieve. And this, right here, shows why Unrecord is in a league of its own.

Again, Deppart looks way better than all the other bodycam copycats. With a little bit more polish, this could turn into one of the more interesting bodycam horror games. However, I don’t see any practical reason for using a bodycam perspective.

To be honest, I expect even more indie “bodycam” games to flood the Internet. In fact, this is exactly what happened with PT. After its positive reception, a lot of indie devs tried to capitalize on its success. And… well… none of them were as polished or as interesting as it.

Now I’m not saying that Unrecord will remain the undisputed king of “bodycam” games. However, this particular game had solid foundations. Its developer knew what they wanted to achieve from the get-go. They didn’t start creating a game after chasing a trend. And this is why Unrecord will succeed where others will fail!

DEPPART - A Terrifyingly Realistic Horror FPS with Tall Monsters That Can REALLY Move! (Prototype)