Launch trailer released for The Occupation

White Paper Games has released the launch trailer for its fixed-time first-person investigative thriller, The Occupation. The Occupation is described as a clock-watching narrative thriller with multiple outcomes with politically driven themes highlighting the shades of grey people believe to be hard facts.

The game features events that happen in real-time, forcing you to choose between the careful and methodical vs the direct and disruptive approach, a rich world building based on British architecture with mature themes and a complex narrative web of truths, lies and accidents. Players will be free to choose and explore, and they can gather evidence by any means necessary.

The Occupation packs non-linear environments with objectives designed to be approached from multiple angles to allow for different play styles, a fully interactive briefcase inventory to store anything you think might be pertinent to your investigation, a high-tech watch with an alarm and timer for remembering important meetings and a pager that can display up to 12 characters on the screen.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will release later today on the PC!

The Occupation Launch Trailer | PEGI