Kyn – Isometric Action Role-playing Game – Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Tangrin Entertainment today has released a new gameplay trailer for Kyn, highlighting a world where Viking mythology collides with magic. In Kyn players will be engulfed into a fast paced role-playing game that combines team based combat with exploration, puzzle solving and progression. 

Here are the game’s key features:

TEAM BASED COMBAT: Control up to six powerful warriors in tactical combat that rewards making smart decisions in tough situations. Pick your favorite skills and equipment and lay waste to your enemies!
CHOOSE ABILITIES TO FIT YOUR PLAYSTYLE: Bestow special attributes on your warriors including ‘mind’, for powerful spells, ‘body’, for close quarter combat and ‘control’, for greater mobility and proficiency with bows and traps. The abilities of your team will have a big impact on the way you play.
USE THE ENVIRONMENT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Create traps and defendable areas to make light work of the enemy or use elements from your surroundings, like fire from candles to charge up your axe for a more powerful attack. Gain incredible power by feeding off elements in the environment.
A MAGICAL WORLD BROUGHT TO LIFE THROUGH EXPLORATION: Unlock the mysteries of the unique world of Kyn by interacting with interesting characters on your journey. Fight against a variety of strange but intelligent enemies and travel to ancient ruins filled with intricate puzzles, visiting lush landscapes and snowy mountains while overcoming big obstacles.
USE CRAFTING TO UPGRADE YOUR EQUIPMENT: Combine over 100 different elemental materials in the unique crafting system to create powerful weapons and armor to help you win in combat. The most powerful weapons will be challenging to craft but the rewards will be huge

Kyn is scheduled to launch on PC, Mac, and Linux next year.


Kyn Trailer (ESRB)