Half Life Classic feature

Here is what the classic Half-Life could look like with real-time ray tracing

Earlier this month, we informed you about NVIDIA working on more RTX remakes/remaster of classic PC games. One of the games that immediately popped up the moment we published that article was Half-Life. And today, we can finally get a glimpse at what a Half-Life RTX Remake could look like.

Now before continuing, this isn’t an official demonstration of Half-Life RTX. NVIDIA has not revealed whether it’s working on such a remaster/remake or not. This tech demo was created by Vect0R in order to give us a taste of real-time ray tracing effects in Valve’s classic shooter.

Vect0R took assets from Half-Life and converted them to Quake 2’s format and then he created a total conversion modification for Quake 2 RTX. In short, this Half-Life RTX project basically uses the ray tracing effects/features of Quake 2 RTX. What this also means is that modders can create total conversions of other classic games in Quake 2 RTX.

Unfortunately, Vect0R doesn’t have any plans to release this Half-Life RTX mod for Quake 2 RTX. According to the modder, this project is not in a playable stage right now.

But anyway, this is a really cool concept that, at least in our opinion, deserves the spotlight. It also gives us an idea of what the classic Half Life game could look like with Ray Tracing.


Half-Life RTX | Quick Teaser [HLRTX]