Resident Evil 2 feature

Here is what an AI-enhanced ESRGAN HD remaster of Resident Evil 2 could look like

Resident Evil 2 Remake has just been released and while it looks and plays amazing, I’m pretty sure that a lot of players would also love to play a remastered version of the original game. And it appears that this may actually happen on the PC in the near future.

YouTube’s ‘Philly Wonken’ has shared a video, showing what a remastered version of Resident Evil 2 could look like. Wonken used ESRGAN, an AI Neural Network/Machine Learning Bgased upscaler, to improve the textures and the results, while not perfect, are pretty cool.

As Wonken noted, ESRGAN right now breaks transparencies (which is why all foreground elements are still using their original textures) and as a result of that, only the full backgrounds and some models can be upscaled without needing major tweaking. Unfortunately, Wonken will not finish this Texture Pack as it requires a lot of hours (and perhaps skills that Wonken lacks).

Still, this is a WIP video that shows what a Resident Evil 2 PC Remaster could look like so here is hoping that someone else will mod the PC or the GameCube (using custom textures via Dolphin) in order to provide a proper, yet fan, remake of this classic game.


Resident Evil 2 ESRGAN HD Textures (Proof of Concept)