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Here is over one hour of PC gameplay footage from Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony has lifted the review embargo for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn. Thus, you can find below over one hour of gameplay footage from Horizon Zero Dawn PC. The following videos will give you an idea of how the game looks on the PC on Ultra/High Settings.

Now while the publisher has not provided us with a review code, we’ll be sure to purchase the game for our PC Performance Analysis. Since we don’t have access to the game yet, our article may be slightly delayed. We also don’t know whether the game uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech or not.

Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC will support ultra-wide resolutions and monitors, 4K resolutions and unlocked framerates. Moreover, it will have a benchmark tool, and a Field of View slider. Even though Guerrilla Games claimed that it had no plans to add a FOV slider, there is actually one in the game. Apparently the team has re-considered it and implemented one, something that will please a lot of PC gamers. Also note that while Death Stranding supported DLSS 2.0, Horizon Zero Dawn does not. This is most likely due to the partnership between Sony and AMD.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on the PC on August 7th!

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