Project CARS 3 new screenshots-3

Here is over an hour of gameplay footage from Project CARS 3

Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios have lifted the embargo for Project CARS 3’s previews. Therefore, you can find below some gameplay videos, showcasing this new upcoming racing game in action.

Project CARS 3 will feature over 200 elite-brand race and road cars, as well as over 140 global tracks. The game will feature new game modes, as well as a Career/Journey Mode.

Players will be able to customize their cars’ liveries, personalize their drivers, and upgrade their cars with realistic performance parts. The game will have fully scalable assists for all skill levels, and will come with a new tyre model (for more convincing and fun handling).

Furthermore, Project CARS 3 will have a 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons and all-weather racing. The game also promises to have intense crash effects and authentic car contact. Additionally, players can expect enhanced AI.

Lastly, the game will have 12K textures and VR support at launch on the PC.

Project CARS 3 will release on August 28th.


PROJECT CARS 3 - Porsche 935 2019 - Gameplay Leipzig

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