Here is Metro Exodus running in 8K/Extreme Settings with 60fps on two NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs in DX11

YouTube’s ‘Thirty IR’ has shared a new video, showing Metro Exodus running in 8K resolution, 7680×4320, on Extreme settings. In order to achieve something like that, Thirty IR used two NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics cards in SLI and used the DirectX 11 API (as SLI is not currently supported in DX12).

Alongside the game’s Extreme settings, Thirty IR also enabled Hairworks, Advanced PhysX and Tessellation. In other words, Metro Exodus’ graphics settings were maxed out in DX11 (though as you may have guessed real-time ray tracing was disabled).

By using two NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics cards, Metro Exodus ran with 60fps. However, we are not talking about constant 60fps here as there were major drops below 40fps, especially when facing multiple enemies.Realistically speaking, it would make more sense to lock the framerate to 40fps than have an unlocked framerate in such a high resolution (or at least use the Ultra settings in order to gain 10fps and stay closer to the 60fps target). Or to put it simply, this SLI setup is unable to provide a constant 60fps experience in 8K. Furthermore, Thirty IR did not test any of the most demanding areas of the game so performance should, theoretically, be even lower in both Caspian and Taiga.

On the other hand, it would be really interesting to see whether an 8K/60fps experience could be achieved by using DLSS. Unfortunately, and as we’ve already said, SLI is not supported in the DX12 build so there is no way to test such a scenario right now. Given the fact that the game runs with 40-80fps in DX11, we are pretty sure that it could be possible to play Metro Exodus with 8K/60fps on Extreme (or Ultra) settings with DLSS in DX12.

But anyway, we find it extremely cool witnessing one of the latest triple-A games running in such a ridiculously high resolution so go ahead and watch the video!

Metro Exodus 8K EXTREME Settings [8K 60FPS] | RTX Titan SLI (NVLink) No. 1 | ThirtyIR