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Here are unreleased prototype versions of 16-bit Genesis classics, like Sonic and Streets of Rage

YouTube’s ‘wadelyjp’ has shared a video, showing prototype versions of some classic 16-bit Genesis games. As such, you can take a look at the prototype versions of the first Sonic, Streets of Rage, Wrestle War and more.

The prototype version of Sonic featured a very sped up Robotnik boss music, UFOs in marble zone and spinning spikes in Spring Yard Zone. The game also featured an entirely different special stage layouts. Not only that, but the prototype did not feature any drowning music, and you can also take a look at Sonic’s end of level animation.

On the other hand, Axel was called Hawk and Adam was called Wolf in Streets of Rage. There are also some minor gameplay changes between the prototype and the original versions that die-hard fans will be able to spot.

This video is basically a blast from the past that most 16bit fans will appreciate. Personally, I have a soft spot for all 16bit games (though I preferred SNES over Genesis). Thus, it’s pretty awesome witnessing prototype versions of these classic games.


SEGA 新作ソフトビデオ VOL.7

SEGA 新作ソフトビデオ VOL.15

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