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Here are thirty minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay footage, featuring the Sorceress & the Druid

GameInformer has shared two new gameplay videos for Diablo 4. The first video shows 10 minutes of gameplay footage with the Sorceress, while the second shows twenty minutes of gameplay footage with the Druid. A couple of days ago, we also shared a video showing 20 minutes of gameplay with the Barbarian, so make sure to watch it too.

Diablo 4 aims to draw players into a grim story line and give them the freedom to explore and forge their own path. The game will feature the most expansive and intense vision of the world of Sanctuary; a bleak and shattered hellscape bereft of hope and beset by demons.

Diablo 4 will be always-online and will not feature any offline mode. Moreover, the game will have cosmetic microtransations, and there might be cross-play support between all platforms.

Lastly, Blizzard has not provided any ETA on when the game will come out. As such, don’t expect to be playing it anytime soon.


New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Sorceress

New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Druid