Manhunt RTX Remix

Here are STALKER Alpha & Manhunt with RTX Remix Path Tracing

YouTube’s ‘EiermannTelevision’ has shared two videos, showcasing early examples of STALKER Alpha and Manhunt with RTX Remix Path Tracing. In order to add the Path Tracing effects, the YouTuber used the RTX Remix Runtime that NVIDIA recently released.

Going into more details, only the Alpha build of STALKER currently works with RTX Remix. Unfortunately, its full/retail version is not yet compatible with it. Furthermore, there are numerous graphical glitches. So yeah, consider this an early example of what RTX Remix can bring to the table.

Similarly, Manhunt has various graphical glitches and flickering shadows. Not only that, but the main light is moving with the camera in Manhunt by default. Thankfully, EiermannTelevision set a fallback fixed light which can now give us an idea about how the game may look with Path Tracing.

As said, consider these as early examples. My guess is that you’ll need the RTX Remix Creator Tool in order to fully implement Path Tracing in these two games.


Stalker Alpha Build 1114 - RTX Remix Test 2