Here are some cool upcoming Sonic, Mega Man, Kirby & Mario free games

SAGExpo has released two trailers for SEGA 2022, showcasing some upcoming Sonic, Mega Man, Kirby and Mario free games. Created by fans for fans, these free fan games will put a smile on most 16-bit fans out there.

Going into more details, these trailers showcase games such as Sonic X-Treme, Sonic Colors Demastered, Mega Man The Sequel Wars, Mega Man Shattered Diamon, Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories. Oh, and there is also a new Pulseman game, called Pulseman Amabilis. And let’s not forget the fan sequel to the SEGA Game Gear exclusive, Tails Adventures.


SAGE '22 - Trailer VOL. 1

SAGE '22 - Trailer VOL. 2