Alan Wake Remastered first screenshots-5

Here are 7 minutes of gameplay footage from Alan Wake Remastered

IGN has shared a video, showing seven minutes of gameplay footage from Alan Wake Remastered. The game releases on October 5th, and this video will give you a glimpse at its remastered visuals.

Alan Wake Remastered features higher-quality 3D models and textures. Moreover, it comes with some additional bushes, as well as slightly improved lighting.

However, the game will not support Ray Tracing or HDR. And, to be honest, this is a huge disappointment as the game could benefit from both of them. Now while it will not support Ray Tracing, it will support NVIDIA’s DLSS tech.

Lastly, the PC version will be x64 and support DX12 only.


Alan Wake Remastered: 7 Minutes of Gameplay (4K)