Here are 15 minutes of new gameplay footage from The Sinking City

GameInformer has shared a video, showing 15 minutes of new gameplay footage from Frogwares’ upcoming Loftcraftian game, The Sinking City. Naturally, we strongly suggest avoiding this video in case you want to experience this game for yourselves as it most likely contains spoilers about certain things.

The Sinking City is a story-rich, free investigation game set in a twisted H.P Lovecraft inspired universe in which players step into Oakmont, Massachusetts – a place suffering decay and rot from unprecedented supernatural floods that slowly envelope the city and the minds of its inhabitants.

In The Sinking City, players will assume the role of Charles W. Reed who is a private investigator in New England in the 1920s. Tortured by his past and otherworldly visions, he finds himself in Oakmont, Massachusetts, seeking salvation from the creeping insanity that afflicts him.

The game is currently scheduled for a June 27th release!

New Gameplay Today – The Sinking City