Skywind feature

Here are 15 minutes of gameplay footage from the Morrowind Remake mod for Skyrim, Skywind

The team behind the ambitious Morrowind Remake mod for Skyrim, Skywind, has released a new gameplay video for it. This video shows off 15 minutes of gameplay footage, and gives us an idea of Skywind’s current status.

The “Battle at Nchurdamz” represents some of the progress the team has made in every avenue of development; from world region design, sound effects, quests, 2D concepts, 3D modelling, implementation and mechanics to weather/atmosphere, voice acting, and more.

“One of the most exciting things in this video—although it may not look like much right now—is that we finally have simplified the process for creating custom creature skeletons and animations! Our Dwemer spider was the first test using these tools, and in fact uses a different skeleton than the Skyrim Dwemer spider. This marks a major milestone in our development, as these tools have been in the works for years. This opens the door to all sorts of new creature animations, such as for the guar, betty netch, silt strider, kwama, and much more.”

Skywind is a non-commercial modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that will – obviously – be available for free. This mod seeks to merge the world of Morrowind with the enhanced graphics and capabilities of Skyrim’s engine. The user interface, combat, graphics, and system requirements for the Skywind mod will be all those of Skyrim.

There is currently no ETA on when this mod will come out.

Enjoy the following gameplay video and stay tuned for more!

Skywind Gameplay Demo - Battle at Nchurdamz