Here are 10 minutes of gameplay footage from Synced: Off Planet

Synced: Off Planet is an upcoming third-person shooter by Tencent Next Studios & Studio Gobo. This game indeed looks like The Division, as John wrote in the official gameplay reveal trailer article. The game has also similarities with other games such as War World Z and PUBG, as Jack said in the following gameplay video and I tend to agree.

SYNCED: Off-Planet brings a brand-new mixed experience of PVP and PVE. Your threat comes from both a massive swarm of enemies and other players. Use the swarm to your advantage to outsmart your opponents and claim victory.

I didn’t play the first game (I only played the BETA), but I did play The Division 2. From what I have seen it was a far better game. Honestly I did not really enjoy it and I definitely not planning to play it again. I do like zombies though, but these ain’t even proper zombies.  They are A.I. zombies called Nanos. I mean come on, it even sounds silly. Truth is they are mixing together quite a few things and it might become volatile in the end. It can also be something unique and exciting but I just don’t see it, at least as it is right now.

Various equipment and tactical options provide vast variety in gameplay. Gain experience, levels and unlock skills and perks. SYNCED: Off-Planet provides unprecedented PVPVE experience.

I rarely play third-person PVP (player VS player) games. However, the player count with the massive amount of zombies is quite impressive and possibly enough to make me wanna try it… probably.

Next Studio is dedicated to building a world-class gaming experience and immersion. The team will use bleeding edge technology such as RTX real time ray tracing and siren digital character technology.

Here are the ten minutes of gameplay by Jack Frags. Enjoy!

Synced Off Planet gameplay + first impressions

There is no official release date yet.