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Half-Life vs Half-Life 2 vs Half-Life Alyx Graphics Comparison

YouTube’s ‘PlayGround’ has shared a video comparison between Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and Half Life Alyx. This video compares the graphics of these three Half-Life games, and shows off their graphical evolution.

The first Half-Life came out in 1998 and used the GoldSrc Engine. On the other hand, Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 and used the Source Engine. And, as we all know, Half-Life Alyx came out this year and uses Source 2 Engine.

To be honest, it’s pretty fascinating watching such comparison videos. These videos can give us an idea of the graphical improvements that an X company implements in its sequels. And, even though Half-Life Alyx is a VR game, we can instantly notice its better visuals.

As we’ve already stated, Valve does not plan to release a non-VR version of Half-Life Alyx. And since this latest Half-Life game looks great in its VR version, we kind of wonder what visuals a modern-day non-VR Half-Life game would have.

But anyway, enjoy the following comparison video and stay tuned for more!

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