Kojima Productions Overdose leaked screenshots-1

First off-camera gameplay footage leaked for Kojima’s Overdose game

Yesterday, we shared the first off-camera low-quality screenshots for Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game, Overdose. And today, a gameplay video for this game has been leaked online. However, and similarly to the screenshots, this is an off-camera low-quality video.

The video shows two and a half minutes of gameplay footage. As you’ll see, this is the footage from where yesterday’s screenshots were taken from.

In the leaked video, Margaret Qualley appears to be exploring some of the game’s environments. And, since this is off-cam footage, it does not really showcase much. From what I can tell, Qualley’s 3D model appears to be on par with that one from Death Stranding. We can also safely assume that the game will be using the Decima Engine.

Kojima Productions has not officially revealed yet this game. Naturally, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until we have more information about it, enjoy this off-cam gameplay footage!