Kojima Productions Overdose leaked screenshots-1

First off-camera screenshots from Kojima’s Overdose leaked online

It appears that the first off-camera screenshots for Hideo Kojima’s new game, Overdose, have been leaked online. These screenshots are as blurry as they can get, and originate from a teaser trailer that may soon come out.

Tom Henderson from InsiderGaming first reported on these screenshots which appeared on Discord. However, and for some strange reason, Henderson did not share the screenshots. Instead, PPE has made them available to the public.

These screenshots show Margaret Qualley in a blue dress. Qualley also appeared in Death Stranding as Mama.

Kojima Productions has not officially announced yet Overdose. And, to be honest, this leak does not show/reveal much.

Anyway, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots in all their low-quality glory.

Kojima Productions Overdose leaked screenshots-1Kojima Productions Overdose leaked screenshots-2