First gameplay footage revealed for Square Enix’s new IP, The Quiet Man

YouTube’s ‘bambooshoots game’ has shared a video, showing 43 minutes of gameplay footage from Square Enix’s new game, The Quiet Man. The Quiet Man is a new IP and this video will give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

The Quiet Man is described as an immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay. Players will embark on an adrenaline-fueled motion picture like experience which can be completed in one sitting.

Now I have to be honest here; this game feels a bit weird. Also, I don’t understand anything at all as they speak in Japanese and there are no subtitles. But anyway, in its current state the game feels really rough, with mediocre animation transitions and movement. Also, the camera movement feels weird.

Naturally, and since this is footage from a really early build, it does not represent the quality of the final product. Still, Square Enix will have to polish and improve lots of things.


The Quiet Man 実機デモプレイ 冒頭から約43分