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Battlefield 5 – Second Closed Alpha begins on August 14th, will run for a limited time

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced that the second closed alpha testing for Battlefield 5 will begin on August 14th. According to the teams, the second Closed Alpha is built directly from the first Closed Alpha and it will not contain any changes to the available maps, modes, weapons and vehicles.

The focus of this test is player progression speed. DICE has made some changes that it thinks will better cater to players across all play styles and skill levels based on how fast players scored points, and how quickly they progressed through the ranks in the first Closed Alpha.

DICE has also made improvements to matchmaking and fixed issues related to joining squads. Furthermore, the team will be also assessing its new systems, like attrition and soldier movement, to find that gameplay sweet spot.

This second closed alpha testing will run for a limited time, though DICE and EA did not reveal the exact date it will end!