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First Early God of War PC vs PS5 Graphics Comparison

Two days ago, Sony announced that God of War will be coming to PC on January 14th, 2022. And below you can find the first graphics comparison video between the PC and the PS5 versions.

Created by Cycu1, this video compares identical scenes from the recently released PC trailer and PS5. Thus, it can give you an idea of the graphical differences between these two versions.

As Santa Monica Studio has stated, the PC version will support GTAO, SSDO & NVIDIA DLSS. Moreover, it can run at native 4K, and will have higher resolution shadows and improved screen-space reflections.

Now as we can see, there are scenes in which the PC version looks more realistic and better than the PS5 version. However, I can also notice some scenes in which the PS5 version looks better (mainly due to its more cinematic lighting). For instance, at the 6:00 mark, the global illumination and bounce lighting appear to be better (and more “in-your-face“) in PS5. On the other hand, the PC version looks really flat here.

As always, the PC footage in this first trailer does not represent the quality of the final version. That’s why I used the word “early“. However, I don’t know whether Santa Monica Studio will further improve/enhance the PC visuals. What I do know, though, is that the PC build used in the PC trailer is a bit rough.

Enjoy the comparison and stay tuned for more!

God of War PC vs PS5 Early Graphics Comparison